Shack-up 3

I had been friends with him for ten years, the last marriage and two shack-ups. He knows what I’ve been through and what I’m like.

We lived together on and off for a while. He and my mom were roommates and #4 and I moved in and out of their house like it had revolving doors.

After I divorced #4, I had to move in with them for a while due to a condition I had.

When I was getting together with Mistake #4, I said, “If this doesn’t work out, I’ll come back and marry you.”

“Pick out your wedding dress.” he laughed.

Two months later, I called him while walking down the road. I didn’t want to risk getting hit, so I left. I knew it was getting close.

He didn’t hold me to my promise. I’m didn’t exactly keep it.

“I like the idea of handfasting. Especially since you seem to be allergic to marriage.” he says.

Could that be the problem? Could I be allergic to marriage?

I don’t think it’s the problem. I think the problem is that once they get me they think they can do whatever they want and I’ll be happy with it. They are wrong.

“I know you,” he said.

“Really?” I said. “Just be careful. There are things that have changed the last few years.”

“I will,” he said.

I didn’t think to tell him that a friend doesn’t have the same responsibilities as a partner. I guess I should have.

Once again, I was in a relationship where I might as well be a living room chair and we never made it out of the “honeymoon’ phase.

He decided to push me down the ramp. I give what I get. We are no longer friends.

That really sucks.


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