Shack-Up 2

This one was only two months. I think I’m learning…

We’ll call him…

You guessed it!

Mistake #4.

This one is the hardest. It’s the most recent. I’m still working through the broken heart. I still cry myself to sleep over him and wake up aching for his arms to be around me.

When I close my eyes, I see him during his good times. I remember his laughter and smiles.

I won’t go back to him. Not ever.

But, damn! I miss him!

It was great for the first two weeks. Then, slowly things began to change. He would tell me this man was attracted to me and that one was in love with me.

I should have known then that I was repeating my last marriage. I didn’t think about it. It never occurred to me.

I was too busy being happy.

I opened up and let him in without even trying to protect myself.

One night, he got into a disagreement with someone at my house. He wouldn’t shut up long enough for me to say anything. Then, he walked out.

While he was gone, I got onto the other person and let them know not to do that again.

After everyone left, we got into it because I didn’t stand up for him. It was my house and I should have stood up for him.

“You wouldn’t shut up long enough!” I said.

“It doesn’t matter. You disrespected me.” he said.

I should have known there was no way this was going to work. It never occurred to me. I was too busy being happy.

I moved in with him to settle his fears of me cheating on him. We had only been seeing each other a month and we were having this many problems?

I should have known it wouldn’t last, but I was too busy being happy.

A month after moving in with him, I called my friend on the phone and said, “I’m on my way.”

I had to get out before it escalated into violence. That was the only step left. All the other flags had been thrown.