Number 4

I know. I know.

Haven’t I learned anything, yet?

Yes. A huge stockpile of “what not to do”. It’s not over, yet. Hold onto your back pockets and get ready for a ride!

This one put me through hell! I mean it was like marrying…

My eighteen through twenty-something self!

O. M. G! Payback is a bitch!

Karma kicked my ass!

We’ll call him…

Mistake #2.

Yes. There ARE more!

This one lasted about two years. He was demanding, mean, and jealous from the start. I thought…

That was my problem. I was doing my own thinking.

Damn! I hate to admit to this one.

He took my money and spent it on drugs. I owned a mini van, but had to walk to work. I was a housekeeper and had to walk from one end of town to the other (thank the gods it was a small town) because he needed the van.

Several times, he would disappear for days on end. He would return, swearing he didn’t cheat, and promising never to do it again.

I would take him back.

I couldn’t go to the bathroom by myself without being accused of cheating on him. He would check my phone for any messages or calls he didn’t recognize. He read my mail and insisted on having all my passwords.

By the time it was over, I was grateful to be rid of him.

“I lost 150 lbs.” I would tell people.


“I got divorced.”