Just Jen

I found a really great picture that explains my entire life. I hope you enjoy it.

Escaping The Flame
Whew…That Was Close!

Can you imagine what kind of life I’ve had, if a picture of a butterfly escaping flames is the best one to sum up my life?

I wrote a blog post to introduce myself, but it really is just a teaser. I will try to add to the story here without repeating myself.

I was the girl in school too shy to speak to anyone and spent most of my time alone. I read all the available books in our school library (including the dictionary and all the encyclopedias) by fifth grade. Remember, we moved a lot, so I went through a few libraries.

We, finally, stayed in one place once I reached fourth grade. Between the beginning of fourth grade and the end of fifth grade, I had read all the available books for my age group.

That summer, I began writing my own stories. I didn’t care for real life stories. I had too much “real” life as it was. I didn’t care for fiction that reflected real life because it reflected real life. I wrote about fantastic creatures and beings. Things that no one had ever heard of before. I wrote out detailed descriptions of creatures I made up and hid them away.

Too bad you can’t hide anything from dogs. My mom’s dogs tore them to shreds, but I didn’t give up. I continued to write about creatures, people, critters, gods, goddesses, heroes, wizards, monsters, and the like.

In sixth grade, I discovered a section of books (I wasn’t allowed there before) that made my reading and writing soar! I found the love of my life, my bliss.


O. M. G. (To put it in modern terms) I wasn’t hooked. There was no hook thrown into my pond. I jumped into the boat and started rowing for shore! This fish was gonna cook itself!