Oh! Man!
Oh! Man!

I been doing some reading.

That’s the good news.

I have been reading about what authors need to do to sell books.

That’s the neutral news.

The bad news is that I (here’s a surprise for you) have been doing just about everything wrong.

Shocked? You should be! After all, you can tell from all my other posts that I do everything right.

Okay. So, the first thing I’m supposed to do is write an author bio.

For more info on that, click here.

There are three things this bio must contain.

Who are you?

What do you do?

This must be written in such a manner as to give the reader an idea of your personality, style and writing.

So, here goes my first attempt:

Who are you?

Uhhh… Jen Christopherson.

Who is Jen Christopherson?


Next question. What do you do?


I write fantasy fiction.

Oh. So, you write about fictional sex?

Uh… No. That’s erotica.

Oh. Why would I want to read what you write?

Uh… I dunno.